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Indoor Harvest, Corp. Announces Plans to Build Aeroponic Vertical Farm in Houston, Texas

The project will be broken into

two phases, with a total estimated construction cost of $850,000. These forward-looking statements

involve a number of risks, uncertainties (some of which are beyond the

control of the Compan

6 months ago

7 Inside Secrets of Real Estate Agents

It's the biggest investment most of us will make.

But often, standing between you and your dream home is someone like the guy pictured at right.

Ryan Serhant is a top New York City real estate agent and a star of the Bravo reality sh read more...

7 months ago

Five Hot Real Estate Markets

Check out the Springfield neighborhood. Mississippi is about 10 percent cheaper than the rest of the country, so your dollar goes further.

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The Real Estate Bubble Can Pop

Then you could find the particular 28,000 units approved regarding long term construction.

As we've had historically low interest rates inside current a long time -- notably temporary prices which set the particular price on adjustable rate read more...

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Global Warming By Daniel J. M. Galpin

Natural Disasters - New Orleans by: Lee Davis. Here is a large list of items you could include in your kit. They were the number one harbinger of disasters in teeth whitening industry and therefore should be avoided at ones. Most often, they are a read more...

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10 Signs That It's time To Ditch Your real Estate Agent

If you might be thinking of selling your house, you may want to think about hiring a real-estate agent. This involvement has facilitated growth in both residential and commercial property such as Minnesota real estate and it has d more favourable read more...

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Realtor Representations Of Credit Along With A Short Sale By Jon Alan Enochs

Questions you should ask a Realtor before signing anything. They are commission-based workers upon selling a real estate and selling a house using a realtor will ensure it is easier for your vendor, saving their effort and time given that they alr read more...